Three newly painted beastmen

Here’s a few beastmen I finished recently. I had them hanging on my desk for a while and wanted to have them finished now. Otherwise I’m not focusing on chaos at the moment but monks –and lots of them! More about that in a later post. But back to the beastmen. There’s really not that much to tell – more 80’s Citadel goodness painted with complete disregard to the standard colours of the four great old ones of the chaos pantheon. As mentioned before, I’m quite bored with the self-imposed limitations to the choice of colours when it comes to chaos.

The photos don’t really do the paintwork much justice, but I find myself seriously challenged by the lighting conditions at the moment and I’m actually considering buying some sort of artificial light system. Well, more post are in the pipeline. Stay tuned.


foto 3

foto 2

foto 1

2 thoughts on “Three newly painted beastmen

  1. They look ace!

    I’m not much of a fan of the limited colour’s of chaos either. I think I batch painted up a unit of blue & grey beastmen a few years back just for a change.

    I really like the red skin tone on the first guy & the bright yellow/red combo you painted on the repurposed lizardman shield is great also. Yellow tentacle dude with the black skin is pretty snazzy too.

    Do you have anymore in the pipeline? I know you said you have a while bunch of monks to paint up, but just thought/hoped you may have more beasties to finish up too.


    • Hey Head, thanks for your supportive comments and sorry for this late reply. It’s great when we can pick each other’s brains for inspiration. I’m not planning to do further beastmen at the moment – At some late stage certainly, but for now I’m working to prepare an Oldhammerscenario whicj we’ll be playing by the end of January. There won’t be any write-up of the Vale of the Small Jealous Gods scenario from Horisont Con (unless Claus writes one?!), but I’ll try to make one for the next scenario – but more about that later this week.


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