Horisont The Con 2014, representing Oldhammer in DK! (Part 1)

Vale of The Small Jealous Gods at Horisont 2014… The premier alternative mini-gaming con in Denmark…

I’ll spare you on the words in this post and instead just show you all a lot of pictures from this magnificent little con.

First up, our table, oldhammer-wargaming with chaos warbands in the Vale of The Small Jealous Gods….






And yes, our table and Martins minis got a lot of love….

Martin also got the opportunity to try out a game with the Lion Rampant rules


Participants in this table is required to have an academic degree in medieval church history on at least ph.d.-level….  😉

Me and Martin also tried the intro set for Dropzone Commander


This game used the Mummy movie-series as an inspiration, looked great, and seem like a lot of fun..!


Carsten from the german delegation on the con had a fabulous bar-room brawling game with him, that was absolutely stunningly painted




As a small but well-equipped event, the kiosk of course held all the essentials for that you just need on a wargaming con…


Anyway, we had a hell of time at Horisont, me and Martin. There was a really great atmosphere, and we meet some really great people there. We are looking forward to seeing some of them at Hamburger Tactica in February..


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