Five beastmen looking for trouble

foto 14_1

My painting endeavors have been slowed down lately due to work-related travels. However, I have managed to finish this bunch of beastmen. A mix of models painted with no thoughts as to their chaos allegiance. In fact I picked five random colours (blue, brown, reddish purple, pink and a flesh tone) and assigned one of them as the primary colour for each model.

The flesh coloured monkey-man in green armour is a bit interesting. The models is by no means the proudest moment in Citadel history, nevertheless it shows how easily older models were adjusted or reworked into new ones. This is for instance apparent when one compares the monkey-man with his alligator-man cousin (see below) who is a much more coherent mini and thus probably the first to see the light of day.

And if you are wondering who the little purple, skinny chap is photobombing the group shot of old Citadel lead, I can tell you that he is an old Grenadier beastman. I have had him in my leadpile for ages and decided to include him among the beefy Citadel chaps on a whim. To be honest he doesn’t work well with the others; he’s much too small when compared to the Citadel minis, but kind of like the ol’ Grenadier beastman, who has a certain charm to it, so who cares.

 foto 32foto14_1

foto 112_1foto 21½_1

foto 12_1foto 31_1

Citadel-beastman 1988

The alligator-man

foto 4_1foto 5_1

foto 1_1foto 3_1







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