WIP: Vale of the Small Jealous Gods scenery


Last weekend I visited Claus and we began to build the scenery in which our scenario is going to take place. The mysterious Vale of the Small Jealous Gods is a slightly futuristic ruin deep in the Chaos Wastes where a number of warbands have been trapped. Only one band will emerge as the winner and be able to leave the vale with the strange gifts of the forgotten demon gods that dwell among the ruins.

We worked intensely through Friday night and worked until very late on Saturday as well. However, the efforts were worth the hours. The table is now ready and while we still need to add some elements as well as details the job is mostly done. I have finished some of the art work for the cards to be used in the scenario and Claus is looking into the rules for the game. Things are in other words taking shape and I’m in no doubt that we’ll have everything ready for Horisont Con in November. Here’s some WIP pictures of the Vale.


wpid-wp-1411497551148.jpeg wpid-wp-1411497499474.jpeg










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