A bunch of slave creatures


This is one of my recently finished projects. As some of you perhaps will remember I bought a large, mixed lot of minis fairly cheap this spring. In the lot this little group of figures immediately caught my eye. Honestly I really don’t know why – they are smallish, badly cast and rather messy. Nevertheless I like them and painted them up to be used as weird, kobold-like slave creatures in the scenario we played last week. Armed with slings they served the archmage Altarus nicely in the defense of his tower and were the cause for some good laughs – especially after Claus declared that they were firing their own dried feces as ammunition!

The paintjob was fast, if not rushed, and frankly the minis don’t invite to more thorough work. They are severely flawed in the casting and the details are in many cases almost blurred beyond recognition. In fact I still don’t know what these ratty little fellas are or who produced them. My guess would be that they are some sort of oriental goblins by Grenadier during the mid-80’s but that’s only guesswork. Can you identify them?


Here’s a photo of the fellas in the state I bought them in.



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