Paint it pink


Here’s a rather large chap that I’ve just finished. A mid-90’s Pink Horror; in fact I think he was sold as a Pink Horror Champion. To spice things up a bit I added an extra arm where his tail should be. I rarely use such amounts of pink which made him quite fun to paint, however, once finished I felt the demon lacked something. I thus decided to give the whole mini a dose of gloss and somehow it gave the pink surfaces a bit more character.

Nevertheless it is an odd miniature and I guess these ‘horrors’ are an acquired taste. I cannot decide whether or not I truly like them. On the one hand they are almost too goofy, on the other hand they are so delightfully grotesque. I must admit though, that I’m looking forward to painting his two blue, lesser incarnations!

Was it a mistake to give him the gloss? Would you have done so?











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