Foot Knights and a nun



I’ve been working on this little group lately and they’re almost done now. Some details need to be finished and the bases are also WIP. I really enjoyed painting the four foot knights. All of them are Foundry recasts of old Citadel models, which I bought last year at the BOYL in Nottingham. Perhaps I’ll get round to buying the rest of the range this year. I hope so.

The last one is a Sister of Sigmar from one of the Mordheim warbands. I need a female cleric for an upcoming scenario I have planned and thought she would fit the bill. In general I like the mini fairly well… except for her hideous, cartoony warhammer. Once I began painting the model I really regretted not snapping the thing off and replacing it with something smaller. Oh well. The rest of the miniature is actually very low-key and, when painted in drab, pseudo-Franciscan colours, she actually turned out fairly well. However, the rest of her sisters will probably remain unpainted for a looong time to come.

Altogether I’m quite pleased with the lot as a whole.

DSCN4879 copy









2 thoughts on “Foot Knights and a nun

  1. Very nice! One of the things I’m longing to do is to paint up a bunch of knights to put on a participation game for my work. We meet every 4 weeks and do something fun, the job of planning rotates. I’ve done a board game night – but it would be cool doing a miniatures game night too. I doubt it would go down well though. =/

    • Thanks. A skirmish between groups of knights would indeed be cool. Just go ahead and give it a try at your next game night! I have this idea about a game based on a host of knights hunting a white stag, but I still need to think the idea through. I would probably be something folk lore-inspired or perhaps Arthurian.

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