Coin-sized terrain

At this year’s Tactica-convention in Hamburg I came across this nifty idea for scenery. Basically they represent small knolls of stone and grass. Perhaps the idea is common but I at least never thought of making such small scenery pieces. Usually my terrain ends up as these big, often slightly fragile things. These small knolls however are ideal for small skirmish battles and all sorts of other situation where one needs some finer terrain feature for the tabletop.

Basically I made them by gluing pebbles and sand to some old coins. I then sprayed them black and drybrushed the lot with a khaki brown for the rocks and a darker Brown for the earth. Finally I added some tufts, static grass and green flock. Simple and effective.  I’ll certainly make some more of these, although perhaps themed somewhat differently for the sake of diversity.


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