… And out come the wolves

I finished basing these two wolfies last week. It’s the “vicious giant wolf” from Citadel’s classic Monster Set from 1985. The mini is very basic and kind of static, nevertheless I really, really like it. It has a certain shaggy nastiness to it. It bit like an old scabrous dog or something like that. You get the impression that the wolf is approaching its target carefully, shown just a moment before it explodes into some sort of frenzied attack.



2 thoughts on “… And out come the wolves

  1. Nice ones Martin! The bases really help bringing the minis to life. Good call!

    I don’t think I’ve seen these painted before. Faces are a bit odd, look almost bat-like on the one in the front in the bottom pic. Still much, much better models than the plastic monstrosities of the 90s!

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