Crossbows or JoJo the Dog-Faced Boy and friends

I have been able to get a lot of painting done these past two weeks. I’ll post some pictures of the finished minis shortly. However, today I want to share this WIP with y’all: five men-at-arms with crossbows from Foundry. The minis look great from a distance but frankly, on closer inspection, some of them don’t really hold up.

One of them is missing a hand, the are bowstrings chunky and broken and they all had a tremendous amount of flash as well as very pronounced mold lines. Even the face on one of them was completely destroyed by a mold line. I could of course have done some reconstruction with green stuff, but I didn’t really find it worth the effort.

Again, from a distance they look fine, and while generally being a big fan of Foundry’s stuff, I was sadly very disappointed by the quality of these minis. A shame.

I’ll return soon in the company of wolves and goblins.


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