Back from Hamburg with the goods to prove it

This weekend Claus and I were in Hamburg to the annual Hamburg Tactica event; one of the largest tabletop wargaming events in Northern Germany. It’s a great venue with lots of small and large games being played. This year’s theme was D-day and several WWII games were going on as well as a massive diorama of one of the landing beaches (I’m not sure which). However one could also enjoy and participate in a huge number of games set in other historical periods as well as Sci-Fi and fantasy games.

Of course a large number of stores, retailers and societies show up with stalls and stuff to sell. All good and a great way to spend a Saturday. That being said, this year we really hit the bring-and-buy section of the venue. I think we both managed to do quite a lot of good bargains. As you can see from the last image we gathered all our stuff for the fun of it. A joyous sight, right?


I made it back to Denmark with some nice 80’s citadel miniatures: 2 Chaos warriors, 15 skavens, a wizard, a ghost, a knight with horse. To this you can add some other stuff and minis, but my greatest purchase was a Mighty Fortress in mint condition and still stored in the original box. I got it for next to nothing (20 Euro). Hurra!













4 thoughts on “Back from Hamburg with the goods to prove it

  1. Davs! That Metal Magic painting guide… are you really really keen on it? I wouldn’t mind taking it off your hands in exchange for some vintage lead. =) Drop me a line on my email if you’re interested.

  2. Hejsan Mattias! It was Claus, my co-conspirator on the blog, who bought the painting guide. I’ll make sure he notices your offer. By the way, it’s striking for a book from the early 90’s how few photos they use. It’s mostly black/white line-drawings.

    • Hey Mattias
      As Martin said, there are not many photos in the painting guide, mostly black and white drawings. But I’m willing to part with it for some old lead, especially of the old elf-kind, a noticed that’s you collect them, like myself

      • I’ve sent you an email Claus! I do have some elves available for trade, but not a lot. A few Grenadier ones though, by Copplestone. They’re very nice but surplus to my needs at the moment.

        Keep up the good work with the blog, btw!

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