Feudal Knights in Shining Armour


This weekend I found the time to finish some of the Feudal Knights from Foundry I bought during the Oldhammer weekend in Nottingham. While I really like their overall look, I must admit, that I found the individual miniatures slightly messy when it comes to the details. A lot of lines and fuzzy places which I discovered a bit too late. I was in a hurry to get them undercoated and failed to examine them and get them cleaned up properly. A stupid mistake! It would be interesting to hear from anyone who had a chance to compare the Foundry ones with the original Citadel minis. How do they compare?











By the way, the shield designs were taken from a stained glass window from the parish church of Ubberud on the island of Funen in Denmark. I’m currently writing about this church and could not resist the temptation of using the coats-of-arms. The window is dating from c. 1495.


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