Vampire Hunters

As I wrote in my post from last week, we played a scenario (Dark wings over Herrentahl) at my place this Friday. A fierce and very entertaining confrontation between the heroic Reiksguard and men of the small town of Herrentahl, struggling to free young Anna Lustig from the claws of the vampire Graf Walther von Löwe and his undead protectors. More on this scenario later. I will do a write-up of the special rules etc.

I painted some figures for the scenario. I needed some special characters and had to rummage my lead mountain for passable minis. I also had time to paint up a piece of scenery for the graveyard – a turnable coffin.

First we have Anna Lustig – damsel in distress. A mini from Foundry’s line of Victorian women. I bought her during the Oldhammer weekend in Nottingham for this scenario. A great little mini and so are the others from this pack as well.



Then we have young Lorenz Bultman, Anna Lustig’s fiancé, coming to her the rescue. The model is of course the “Young Fighter” from the Adventurer Starter Set released in 1985. I really like this one – perhaps mostly for nostalgic reasons. He was one of – if not the – first Citadel miniature I ever painted. Keen eyes will note that his sword hand is different. Sadly my young fighter lost a hand over the years and it had to be replaced with a plastic sword from an Empire sprue.



Karl Teuner is the primary priest of Sigmar in Herrentahl. I had no clerics laying around and thus had to use the Grand Theogonist from the Impeiral War Altar – I don’t remember when exactly this was released and the mini is not exactly my cup of tea. However, he fits the role as priest nicely.



Next up is Rudolf “Schöner” Überhals – leader of the ferocious mob of citizens participating in the vampire hunt. Another mini I’m not too fond of. He is one of Gamezone’s Conscript Peasants.



Then we have Gerhard Meincke – leader of the Reiksguards from Herrentahl and leader of the vampire hunters. He is a Foundry recast of an old Citadel foot knight. A great, great mini with lots of character.



And lastly there is my turnable coffin. I think it is a Citadel miniature but I’m not complete certain about this. Does anyone have more info on this coffin? Pretty nice though, right!

IMG_4863 copy


3 thoughts on “Vampire Hunters

    • The Young fighter was in fact one of the first minis I ever painted. I got the Starter Set and a few tins of Humbrol paint for Christmas from my parents back in the day and immediately started painting. The young fighter was my second or third choice from the set to paint… [drifting down memory lane]

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