Three things

Back from the dead!

1: Having participated in the fantastic Oldhammer weekend in Nottingham it is now clear to me that it makes little sense to do this blog in Danish only. The community is international and Danish a very small language. Thus I will do my future posts in English – at least those of relevance to the Oldhammer scene.  This means that you’ll have to deal with my broken English, which – I guess – is still more understandable than Danish!

2: Shortly after the weekend in Nottingham I fell down our backstairs and broke my right hand.  I was actually carrying my battle table down to the basement – It’s a rough hobby… This means that I have done next to nothing on my minis over the past weeks. However, my hand is improving and I have been able to do some preparations for a scenario I’m going to host next Friday.

3: I call the scenario we are going to play “Dark Wings over Herrenhof” – an Undead vs. Empire scenario inspired by old Hammer vampire movies. More about that after the battle on Friday. The game takes place on a graveyard and I built these terrain pieces for the event. I was aiming for a sort of autumn atmosphere for the pieces. Most of the tombstones I made myself but some are from Reaper Miniatures and others from a doll house furniture producer called Magpie Miniatures. Honestly, who has a graveyard in connection with his or her dollhouse?

I used the same peasant soldier to give a sense of scale.

IMG_4828IMG_4832 IMG_4834 IMG_4840 IMG_4844 IMG_4845

More next week after our battle.


2 thoughts on “Three things

  1. Fantastic terrain mate! Good to have some words to go with the lovely pictures too, your English is so much better than Danish put through Google Translate! Thanks for making the effort on our behalf. I hope the hand gets fully mended soon.

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