A while ago I finished the Werewolf from Citadel’s C18 Night Horrors line. It’s a wonderful mini with lots of character. My guess would be that it’s sculpted by Jes Goodwin but a quick Google search could not confirm this. I really like the pulpy rock n’ roll look of the wolfman with his huge sideburns and rockabilly hair. The paint job, which is almost completely obscured by my bad photos, was fairly straightforward but fun to do. A nice change of pace from some of the other stuff I have been working on lately.


Here’s a little soundtrack to accompany the spirit of the mini – auuuuuu!

Up next is some beastmen which I’m looking forward to showing you all.


Old Firm Ogre Casuals

foto 1_1

Last week I finished these five chaps for a small scenario we played Sunday. And let me tell you this – these models have been some of the most fun to paint in a long while. The largest of the models is a late-80’s ogre captain by Bob Olley. The mini is absolutely splendid and although all Olley’s ogres more or less look alike they are among my favorites. They remind me of Enki Bilal’s grim-faced sportsmen. And boy are they different from the current, boring Ogre Kingdoms-stuff GW is sporting. Sadly the mini had lost its hammer when I got it and I therefore gave him a big chaos warrior axe with skulls.


The four smaller ogres all come from the second incarnation of Golgfag’s mercenary ogres, produced around 1985; a classic Regiment of Renown. They are lovely figures but slightly crude compared to the stuff Citadel produced only a few years later. Nevertheless they were an absolute joy to paint. Also here one of the ogres had lost his weapon (the one on the far left), and I thus gave him the slender mace-head. I forgot from which line it originates.

In our scenario the Olley Ogre was named Groar and he arrived into the battle with his four brothers to combat the nefarious vampire Walther von Löwe. To underscore the fact the ogres are brothers I gave them the same orange-blond hair. Sadly Groar and his brothers fled the table much too soon. oh well…

foto 7_1

foto 4_1

I’m the crawling king snake…

foto 5_2_2

I finally had a chance to paint this piece of old lead; the giant snake produced by Grenadier. For some reason I’ve had my eye on this model for a while and early this summer I finally took the plunge and picked it up on Ebay. The model is fairly chunky and the snake’s head is both a bit too large and has a certain sense of slightly off complacency to it. Nevertheless I like it, although I’m not entirely sure why – perhaps it’s due to the size and weight of the mini.

The paintjob was fairly straight forward, but was nearly ruined by the gloss I used. I went with an old Humbrol gloss which messed-up the blendings on the scales of the snake. It still appears acceptable but I’m not satisfied with the model as it looks now, but it was quick to paint and should I find the inspiration, I’ll perhaps revisit it sometime in the future.

Sorry for the bad pics by the way, I had some problems with the lighting.

foto 1_1

foto 3_2

foto 4_2







WIP: Vale of the Small Jealous Gods scenery


Last weekend I visited Claus and we began to build the scenery in which our scenario is going to take place. The mysterious Vale of the Small Jealous Gods is a slightly futuristic ruin deep in the Chaos Wastes where a number of warbands have been trapped. Only one band will emerge as the winner and be able to leave the vale with the strange gifts of the forgotten demon gods that dwell among the ruins.

We worked intensely through Friday night and worked until very late on Saturday as well. However, the efforts were worth the hours. The table is now ready and while we still need to add some elements as well as details the job is mostly done. I have finished some of the art work for the cards to be used in the scenario and Claus is looking into the rules for the game. Things are in other words taking shape and I’m in no doubt that we’ll have everything ready for Horisont Con in November. Here’s some WIP pictures of the Vale.


wpid-wp-1411497551148.jpeg wpid-wp-1411497499474.jpeg










The Five Chaos Centaurs of the Apocalypse



I’m nearly done with these five, jolly chaos centaurs. Well, sort of. The one with the bell still needs to be finished properly and then there’s of course their shield and the bases. However, they have been a tremendous fun to do, although they have required quite a lot of work.

First I of course had to do the conversions. The minis are more or less converted centaurs from Foundry bought at this year’s BOYL. Basically I had to “evil” them up and change their very serene, Antique look into something more chaotic in the old school way. If I succeeded is not me to judge, but the process was fun.

The colours were chosen rather randomly and they are painted with no particular chaos allegiance. I find myself a bit bored with the typical four choices of chaos at the moment. It feels like a restriction rather than an inspiration.

Anyhow, back to the workbench.









Dwarves rallying under their banner

I finished these five fellas this week. It’s a rather eclectic mix of dwarves – the one on the far left and right is old, pre-slotta Citadel (I think), the others are splendid models from the late 80’s. I really love the old line of dwarf adventurers. Together with the Norse dwarves these are some of my favorite stunties. In fact, although a have quite a few of them in my collection, I never cared much for the Marauder “landsknecht” dwarves that seem to be all the rage at the moment. Well, you can’t argue with taste.


Finishing these five dwarfs actually mark a milestone for me. I’m slowly working towards painting all four armies involved in the “Blood in the Snow” scenario from White Dwarf 91 and with these guys I have now finished the dwarf army. Yay!   The human troops are soon to be finished as well and that only leaves a heck of a lot of greenskins to paint… However, at the moment I’m focusing on chaos stuff, which you’ll see over the coming weeks on the blog.