Impressions from Horisont Con 2014 – Part 2




Here’s a quick, image-heavy post with impressions from this year’s Horisont Con in Odense. Claus and I presented our Vale of the Small Jalous Gods-scenario and managed to play it twice. The first game was a bit rough around the edges but great fun. The second game ran more smoothly and was highly entertaining. The lesson to be learned from this – play-test your scenarios before you run them on a con! Deep wisdom, I know. The con stretched from Friday to Sunday last weekend – Friday consisted mostly of getting settled, chatting and drinking beer, Saturday was a day of hardcore gaming, some more beer-drinking and chatting, whereas Sunday was mostly packing the whole thing down. Altogether Horisont was good fun and I’ll certainly return next year.

In this post you’ll find pics from our scenario. In the Next one you will see some pics from all of the other stuff going on. DSC_0056

















Horisont The Con 2014, representing Oldhammer in DK! (Part 1)

Vale of The Small Jealous Gods at Horisont 2014… The premier alternative mini-gaming con in Denmark…

I’ll spare you on the words in this post and instead just show you all a lot of pictures from this magnificent little con.

First up, our table, oldhammer-wargaming with chaos warbands in the Vale of The Small Jealous Gods….






And yes, our table and Martins minis got a lot of love….

Martin also got the opportunity to try out a game with the Lion Rampant rules


Participants in this table is required to have an academic degree in medieval church history on at least ph.d.-level….  ;)

Me and Martin also tried the intro set for Dropzone Commander


This game used the Mummy movie-series as an inspiration, looked great, and seem like a lot of fun..!


Carsten from the german delegation on the con had a fabulous bar-room brawling game with him, that was absolutely stunningly painted




As a small but well-equipped event, the kiosk of course held all the essentials for that you just need on a wargaming con…


Anyway, we had a hell of time at Horisont, me and Martin. There was a really great atmosphere, and we meet some really great people there. We are looking forward to seeing some of them at Hamburger Tactica in February..


At the altars of chaos – Another WIP picture


Just a quick update: Here you see the four altars which are to stand in the shrines of the small jealous gods who inhabit the vale named after said deities. From left to right you find the altar of Zhutlzzher – Lord of Screams and Spit, Ooeq’occ – Lord of Fumes and Smoke, Hlzyi – Lord of Dryness and Dust and finally Ssanil – Lord of Howls and Itching.

The altars are now on their way to be undercoated. Once they are painted I’ll show you the result.





Vale of the Small Jealous Gods – Report after a hard days night



There’s now only one week to Horisont Con in Odense where Claus and I will present our Vale of the Small Jealous Gods-scenario. We spent some time this weekend to finish almost all the crucial elements but there’s still a lot to do. It seemed like such a simple thing to do back in August when we began planning this, but quite a few hours has gone into this project by now and there is still more to do. However, most of the work has been fun. Once everything is ready we’ll post a proper presentation of the whole thing.

Here you first of all have a few pics of the board as it looks now. The four small shrines in the center still need some work which Claus is finishing during the week.


foto 5

foto 4

foto 3_ds

foto 3

foto 2_f


foto 1_d

foto 1


I’ll be working on the centerpiece to stand in the middle of the shrines – a large sacrificial mount. You can see a photo of the thing here. It’s obviously a work-in-progress thing at the moment.

foto 3_ll

The artwork for the introductory text as well as the snakes for the mission cards to be used during the game was also finished this week.

One of the 'mission cards' used in the game. The text still needs to be edited but the lay-out is in place

One of the ‘mission cards’ used in the game. The text still needs to be edited but the lay-out is in place

Well, should you be near Odense next week, swing by and make sure to bring your cool-ass warband.




Five beastmen looking for trouble

foto 14_1

My painting endeavors have been slowed down lately due to work-related travels. However, I have managed to finish this bunch of beastmen. A mix of models painted with no thoughts as to their chaos allegiance. In fact I picked five random colours (blue, brown, reddish purple, pink and a flesh tone) and assigned one of them as the primary colour for each model.

The flesh coloured monkey-man in green armour is a bit interesting. The models is by no means the proudest moment in Citadel history, nevertheless it shows how easily older models were adjusted or reworked into new ones. This is for instance apparent when one compares the monkey-man with his alligator-man cousin (see below) who is a much more coherent mini and thus probably the first to see the light of day.

And if you are wondering who the little purple, skinny chap is photobombing the group shot of old Citadel lead, I can tell you that he is an old Grenadier beastman. I have had him in my leadpile for ages and decided to include him among the beefy Citadel chaps on a whim. To be honest he doesn’t work well with the others; he’s much too small when compared to the Citadel minis, but kind of like the ol’ Grenadier beastman, who has a certain charm to it, so who cares.

 foto 32foto14_1

foto 112_1foto 21½_1

foto 12_1foto 31_1

Citadel-beastman 1988

The alligator-man

foto 4_1foto 5_1

foto 1_1foto 3_1









A while ago I finished the Werewolf from Citadel’s C18 Night Horrors line. It’s a wonderful mini with lots of character. My guess would be that it’s sculpted by Jes Goodwin but a quick Google search could not confirm this. I really like the pulpy rock n’ roll look of the wolfman with his huge sideburns and rockabilly hair. The paint job, which is almost completely obscured by my bad photos, was fairly straightforward but fun to do. A nice change of pace from some of the other stuff I have been working on lately.


Here’s a little soundtrack to accompany the spirit of the mini – auuuuuu!

Up next is some beastmen which I’m looking forward to showing you all.


Old Firm Ogre Casuals

foto 1_1

Last week I finished these five chaps for a small scenario we played Sunday. And let me tell you this – these models have been some of the most fun to paint in a long while. The largest of the models is a late-80’s ogre captain by Bob Olley. The mini is absolutely splendid and although all Olley’s ogres more or less look alike they are among my favorites. They remind me of Enki Bilal’s grim-faced sportsmen. And boy are they different from the current, boring Ogre Kingdoms-stuff GW is sporting. Sadly the mini had lost its hammer when I got it and I therefore gave him a big chaos warrior axe with skulls.


The four smaller ogres all come from the second incarnation of Golgfag’s mercenary ogres, produced around 1985; a classic Regiment of Renown. They are lovely figures but slightly crude compared to the stuff Citadel produced only a few years later. Nevertheless they were an absolute joy to paint. Also here one of the ogres had lost his weapon (the one on the far left), and I thus gave him the slender mace-head. I forgot from which line it originates.

In our scenario the Olley Ogre was named Groar and he arrived into the battle with his four brothers to combat the nefarious vampire Walther von Löwe. To underscore the fact the ogres are brothers I gave them the same orange-blond hair. Sadly Groar and his brothers fled the table much too soon. oh well…

foto 7_1

foto 4_1